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We can supply and install a new heater for you as well as removing your old storage heater. We can also help you learn how to use the features and functions of your new product to help ensure maximum efficiency. We provide efficient and economic heating solutions for all types of commercial and domestic properties of all sizes. At Www.storage-heater.ie we can help you design your new heating system and we provide a competent, efficient and value for money installation service installing only new and top of the range parts. Tip – did you know, storage heaters are now available in slimline designs and in a variety of different colours too. Always make sure you use a RECI registered and certified, fully qualified electrician for your installation. Call us now to speak with one of our team who will be happy to advise you on the best replacement storage heater for you. If your storage heater is less than 10 years old you should firstly check and service it to improve its performance rather than replace it outright. The within elements and thermostats usually have a life span of 6-8 years and a faulty thermostat or element may just need replacing.
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Customer Support

Our team are always just a phone call away. So if you find yourself in need of a repair 24/7 call our after hours mobile on 0831625009.


Our team of electricians have worked on Dimplex heaters for years and are experts at fault finding and replacement. If you find you heater has total malfunctioned and needs replacement our team will measure you home for the most efficient heater.


Creda storage heaters were communally installed in Dublin apartments in the 2000s and now getting old and out of date so call our office to get a price on a new Dimplex

24 HR Service

Not only are all of our team expert heater repairmen they are also fully qualified ELECTRICANS AND OFFER A 24HR CALL OUT SERVICE for any electrical fault you may need repaired or immersion replaced

Spare parts

All of parts are stocked from local Dublin suppliers so you don't have to wait more then 24hrs for a repair or replacement, all of our technicians also carry a fully stocked van so most repairs are done then and there.

Why replace ?

When your heater gets to old to work efficient or is not safe to repair you should think about getting your heater replaced, not only will your electric bill go down but also keep your home safe .


  • cheap night heater BASIC STORAGE HEATER

    A Basic storage heater is a unit that has just two knobs on the top with input and output, these most common found in Dublin homes. These units only run on night-time rate with no boost function. The two main brands of heaters are Dimplex and Creda

  • electricians combination STORAGE HEATER

    Combination storage heaters are the same as a basic unit but also have a built in convector heater that can run separately on the day rate. You will know the difference if you have two spurs beside you heater, these can be very costly to run if you always use the boost.

  • cheap storage heater repair fan assisted STORAGE HEATER

    A fan assisted storage heater will have a fan at the bottom, which will blow warm air into your room and are much better then the combo units. These may also have will also have a convector heater (day rate) element that enables you to use the boost during the day.

  • replace storage heater oil filled STORAGE HEATER

    Energy efficient heaters are the most common replacement for old heaters as these are oil filled they heat up quickly and don’t need to use the night rate, they also have digital timers so you only need to turn them on when you need to heat the house and not the night before.


Storage heaters typically have a long life span and can last up to 40 years. The elements and/or thermostat will probably need replacing every 6 to 8 years. You may have a simple fault with your heater and could save yourself money on a replacement by having a repair carried out, it could be a loose connection, faulty circuit breaker or switch. Our fully qualified engineers will carry out circuit checks and trace the faulty component. They can also measure resistance to see if there are any failed elements. You could save yourself some money by calling one of our qualified technicians to repair your heater on the spot rather than replace it. If you are still thinking about a replacement, we can install all types of electric storage heating for you. Have a look at our pages on Ecoelectricheaters.ie for the best available deals


The main advantage of storage heaters is that they can be cheaper to run, if set up and installed correctly, compared to other types of electrical heating. The newer, automatic generation of storage heaters now come with a built-in thermostat which allows for the release of heat, as and when it is needed, depending on the external temperature. This could mean you save on your electric bills, as you may use less energy when heating your house in comparison to older models. Storage heaters are extremely quiet , even those with an inbuilt fan and easy to maintain.


As storage heaters run off electricity, and rates have increased over the last couple of years in comparison to gas, they can be more expensive to run than gas central heating. They are typically only found in households that are situated in high rise buildings or those that are not on the national gas grid. There can be a fair amount of heat and energy wastage. With the older models excess heat is stored and released the following day, even if it is a warm and the heat is not required. This can lead to overheated rooms, but by the evening, much of the stored heat has been released, when in fact this is usually when most people want to increase the heat output.