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Storage heaters play a significant role in the heating of your office or home, depending if they are the main source or a part of your heating system. Most storage heaters will be fitted to the wall and look a lot like a traditional radiator. It functions by storing energy during the evening, or night over a few hours and then releases the heat during the next day as required. It is usually composed with ceramic bricks and insulation. Most storage heaters will use off-peak electricity which would be supplied from the national grid to the house, it is usually in demand overnight as this would be typically cheaper to run. If your electricity is running off the Economy 7 tariff for heating your home, then your storage heater will help you keeping your costs lower with the off-peak electricity rates. All our emergency electricians are on call Hours a day.

To get full benefit of cheaper electricity rates, your heaters need to be wired to separate off-peak circuits and meter. It will then only be turned on during the off-peak period. The off-peak rates usually only work during the night and early mornings and will be controlled by your electricity provider. The cheaper hours incline to be 12 midnight until 07.00 in the winter and from 01.00 to 08.00 in the summer. charge up times may vary by an hour or two depending on your electric provider and will usually charge for around 8 hours during the night.


The electricity companies devised the Economy 7 tariff as a means of increasing demand for electricity in the middle of the night, by offering a cheaper rate of electricity during certain hours of the night. Why you ask? Coal power plants take time to power down and so they were invariably left on throughout the night leading to a lot of power wastage as demand for electricity during the night was very low.

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Understanding how to use your storage heater correctly can help you save money on your electricity bill and improve your overall comfort and experience.


The Output switch helps to regulate heat retention. You can use your output switch more efficiently by ensuring you turn down the output switch when you are not in the room. This helps to guarantee heat retention for longer.


If your storage heater has a convector heater function for use during the day, you can save money by using this function as little as possible as it runs on the more expensive peak day time electricity.


If you are generating inordinately high bills through normal recommended usage of your storage heater, there may be a problem with the wiring of same. Have your energy supplier check that your storage heater supply is wired to economy 7 off peak electricity supply rather than 24 hour peak electricity supply. If your heater is charging up from the 24 hour supply it may be overheating and not cutting out. Tip: If the storage heater is generating constant heat then this is may be an indication that it has been incorrectly connected. You can also save money on your electricity bill by turning your input switch down a notch per time each day if you find that you are experiencing too much heat, until you have just enough heat output to last you for the day.


Even if you are utilising an Economy 7 tariff, you will still pay a premium for your peak electricity usage which usually means you will be paying more when using your other appliances for washing, cooking etc. unless you chose to use these at night time

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1. Try not to use the boost setting, on-demand heating or convector switch unless you really, really need the extra heat.

2. Switch off your storage heater output setting at night time and switch it off when you are not in the property or not using that room.

3. Try to avoid using extra “plug-in” heaters, it will be cheaper to just turn up the input setting on your heater.